In Case of Emergency

You can reach the Frauenaus Neumünster day and night. Telephone 04321 – 46733
You will be informed whether there is a room for you. If so, the staff members will inform you about the following steps.

If possible, provide for the following:

  • Clothing for you and your children
  • Hygiene products
  • All and any passports for you and your children
  • Certificate/s of birth
  • Certificate of marriage
  • Bank account statement/s
  • Bank/Credit card
  • Tax identification number ( Steueridentifikationsnummer)
  • Child benefit number (Kindergeldnummer)
  • Cash (if possible)
  • Health insurance card/s
  • Pregnancy record book (Mutterpass)
  • Yellow examination book (gelbes Untersuchungsheft)
  • Vaccination certificates (Impfpass)
  • Necessary medication for you and your children
  • School reports
  • School stuff
  • Any custody related documents (Sorgerechtsbeschluss)
  • Any paternity acknowledgements (Vaterschaftsanerkennung)
  • Rental contract (Mietvertrag)
  • Key/s of your flat
  • Favourite toys or stuffed animals

It might be difficult to gain access on some of the documents, so take as many as possible with you.

But in case of emergency, first and most important: get you and your children into safety.

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