Counselling and refuge – tel. 04321 46 7 33 – 24/7

In the women’s refuge (Autonomes Frauenhaus Neumünster) women and their children find help, counselling and protection after experiencing physical, mental or sexual violence or live at risk of it.

Violence has many faces:
beating, threatening, yelling, locking up, sexual haressment, rape, stalking, forced marriage, to be controlled and surveyed or not being taken seriously.

Every woman and her children, who experience / have experienced violence or are threatened by husband, father, partner, family, neighbours or others can find shelter in the woman’s refuge.

Any woman is welcome, no matter what

  • state of health
  • financial situation
  • nationality
  • residence permit

The women in the house organize their daily lives on their own responsibilities and can stay as long as they think necessary.

The staff members are obliged to secrecy.

Counselling and living in the women’s refuge is free, anonymous and 24/7.

In case of emergency: data sheet

My mind is made up: I go to the women’s refuge!

First step
I call the Frauenhaus Neumünster: 04321 – 46733. There I get to know whether there are any vacancies. If so, I will get all the necessary information.

Second step

  • I pack my suitcase
  • identity card / passport
  • certificate of birth
  • family register
  • statements of account
  • bank card
  • cash (if there is any)
  • certificate of employment / pension
  • health insurance card
  • necessary medication
  • wage tax card
  • residence / working permit
  • rental agreement
  • keys

Third step – if necessary

  • pack your child’s / children’s suitcase
  • certificate of birth
  • identity card / passport
  • health insurance card
  • child allowance number
  • medicamentation
  • gelbes Untersuchungsheft (the yellow medical record for children)
  • vaccination card
  • school supplies
  • school reports
  • decisions about child custody
  • favourite toys

As it might be difficult to achieve important documents later, take as many as possible with you.

Forth step
I take the suitcase(s), step out the door and leave. In the woman’s refuge I will find help on my way to a self-determined life.